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Lee's Press FAQs

We are a self-publishing service company. Vanity press typically requires the full rights to your content.

We send out royalties on a quarterly basis. Once your book is released it takes 90 days for the first sales to be released and dispersed in your account 90 days after the release and quarterly thereafter.

If you already have a manuscript ready to go, we can get you published within 2-5 months or less. If you need assistance with writing your book, usually we can publish it within 5-10 months or less. Also depends on how quickly you’re able to get your writing done.

All of our book publishing and marketing services are available to our authors.

We are a full-service self-publishing company dedicated to helping you build your author brand and promote your books for long-term success.

Here’s just a small sample of the services we provide our authors (all of these services are available to the author):

  • Developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading
  • Ghostwriting
  • Help with book title ideas and selection
  • Cover design
  • Formatting and publishing for eBooks
  • Interior book design and layout for print books
  • Audiobook narration (COMING SOON) 
  • Distribution
  • Ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Tracking sales and royalties
  • Website design, landing page design, and email marketing systems setup
  • Introductions to leading bloggers, podcasters, and book reviewers in your market
  • PR outreach to journalists and media outlets
  • And more!

You can sell books via person to person, book signings, trade shows, online sales, family, friends, relationships, social media and many other opportunities to sell books. The most important thing is staying consistent, building a brand and getting your message out there. Lee’s Press helps with marketing, promoting and supporting you to sell your books.

Getting books into the book store can be tedious, book retailers mostly communicate with the publisher to determine getting your book inside the store. We support you by going on your behalf and communicating to the brick and mortar retail locations on why your book is a great fit to take space on their shelves.

Yes, we help with promoting your book on our social media platforms, keeping you in the spotlight to our readers and followers to purchase your book.

You will need to email us your typed manuscript in a digital format. We prefer Microsoft Word files in .doc or .docx format. We do not accept PDFs. 

If your manuscript was typed on a typewriter or handwritten, you will definitely want to get your manuscript typed into a word processor on a computer.

We do not accept physical manuscript submissions sent by mail.

Unlike most publishers, we provide authors with editorial, marketing & promotional support, along with ghostwriting if needed. Although there are service fees, we make it affordable and implement on behalf of the author, so their titles get completed and distributed in a fraction of the time by a team with a great track record.

We do not currently offer advances at this time.

We pay our authors 75% gross royalties. That means 75% of all money we receive from the author’s book sales or licensing revenue is paid directly to the author quarterly.

If you earn $10,000 net profit in royalties for your book, you receive paid 75% of that amount, and Lee’s Press retains  25% percent.

Lee’s Press is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, but our international team and some of our team members works remotely from various locations across the globe. Please note that we do not accept paper submissions

Yes, you will own 100% the copyright to your book when you publish with Lee’s Press. If we decide to publish your book, you will receive a call from the copyright office to confirm your information is correct and they will send out a copyright certificate in the mail.

You don’t have to hire a professional editor for us to publish your book.

We have our our in-house editors that provide developmental editing, copyediting, line editing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and proofreading services to our authors.

Yes, Absolutely! Your book will be available all over the world in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, and many other countries through Amazon and other distribution channels.

Yes. If you’ve previously self-published or went through a traditional publisher for your book, you can switch to Lee’s Press, assuming you still own the rights to your work. However, we would need to confirm that you don’t have an exclusive contract with the previous publisher.

If you self-published your book, you could switch to us right away. We’e had several authors switch from self-publishing to Lee’s Press, and we can make the process quick, easy, and painless for you.

If you’ve published your book with another publisher, you’ll need to look at your publishing contract to see if you still own the rights to your work. If you have questions about whether or not a previous publisher controls the rights to your work, you should reread your publishing contract in detail, contact your publisher, and/or contact an attorney.

Our average time to respond to a submission is currently 14 – 21 days.

The industry average response time for submissions is somewhere between 90 days and never. Unlike other publishers, we strive to deliver as much value as possible to every author who submits their manuscript even if we don’t decide to publish your book.

We do not currently accept unsolicited phone calls. If you’re interested in publishing a book with us, you can schedule a call with us.

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